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Expert Members

GBA’s Expert Members are professionals from all corners of the green building industry. They cover topics related to environmentally sensitive design, must-know building science, energy-efficient construction techniques, and innovative materials. It is this team that makes GBA a go-to source for data-backed information intended for architects, builders, engineers, tradespeople, and homeowners.

  • Allison A. Bailes III, PhD

    Allison A. Bailes III, PhD is founder and owner of Energy Vanguard in Decatur, Georgia. Like many in the field of building science and green building, he is multi-faceted: His academic credentials in physics (BS, MS, MST, and PhD all in that field) give him a solid foundation in the science that underlies buildings. What Dr. Bailes has become most known for in recent years, though, is writing the Energy Vanguard blog. In it he covers everything from building science fundamentals to HVAC particulars to big-picture topics like energy security and peak oil. His blog garnered Dr. Bailes an invitation to join Green Building Advisor, where he is now a regular contributor.

  • Ross Trethewey, P.E., M. Eng

    Ross Trethewey, P.E., M. Eng is the founder and lead engineer of TE2 Engineering, LLC, a consulting engineering firm focused on high-performance HVAC design, renewable energy and integrated smart home design. He also serves as the "Home Technology Expert" on the TV programs, This Old House and Ask This Old House. He is responsible for seeking out some of the coolest stories in home technology and bringing them to a national audience. Follow Ross on Twitter @RossTret and on Instagram at @rosstretheweytoh.

  • Kyle Macht

    Kyle Macht is a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) with a background in architectural engineering. He has spent the last decade in sustainable architecture, focusing on designing and building custom homes, energy consulting for residential and commercial buildings, home performance contracting, and renewable energy systems. Today, Kyle applies his knowledge in building science to low-carbon architecture as Principal of Macht Architecture.

  • Joshua Salinger

    Joshua Salinger is CEO and Founder of Birdsmouth Design-Build, a residential Design Build company located in Portland OR. Josh has received certifications from Earth Advantage’s Sustainable Homes Professional course, is an early graduate of the Passive House Builders Training program administered by PHIUS and is an accredited EEBA Zero Energy Home Professional. He has been on the board of Passive House Northwest since 2016 and also sits on the technical committee of Zero Energy Ready Oregon. He is an instructor for Earth Advantage’s Sustainable Homes Professional accreditation program. He lives in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood of Portland with his wife and two children.

  • Armando Cobo

    Armando Cobo is a zero-energy custom home designer, trainer, and building consultant with over 35 years of experience. Armando designs following the guidelines of DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program, The Building America Program, Build Green New Mexico, California’s Title 24, National Home Builders Association’s Green Building Program, and LEED for Homes, among others. He’s designed over 500 custom homes, and helps homeowners and builders achieve success with their zero-energy projects. He works all over the country.

  • Malcolm Taylor

    Malcolm Taylor is a graduate of the UBC School of Architecture and has run a design-build firm on Vancouver Island for the last 30 years. After graduating from the UBC School of Architecture, Malcolm practiced in Ottawa for five years, before moving to Vancouver Island thirty years ago, and establishing a design-build firm. In addition to designing and building speculative and custom houses, he has also done extensive design and construction work for Point No Point Resort over the past 20 years. Malcolm brings decades of hands-on experience and a strong understanding of building science to every project.

  • Kohta Ueno, M.A. Sc.

    Kohta Ueno, M.A. Sc. is senior associate at Building Science Corporation. His work includes forensic field investigations of building failures and consulting work for new and retrofit construction in the design of building enclosure and mechanical systems. Mr. Ueno also frequently performs computer modeling (using WUFI, THERM, and HEAT3) as well as field testing and verification, HVAC design, and residential energy analysis and simulations.

  • Ben Bogie

    Ben Bogie is a second-generation high-performance builder working as a project manager for BPC Green Builders of Wilton, CT. Ben is passionate about historical renovation and creating high-performance homes, and is an active member of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. He specializes in building science, low-energy designs, and high-end custom finishes.

  • Randy Williams

    Randy Williams  started his construction career in the mid 1990s installing electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems with his brother. In the early 2000s, his family branched into building and renovating homes and by 2005, Randy was working full time as a general contractor. He furthered his education in 2009 becoming an energy auditor. Today, Randy works with other contractors, homeowners, and utilities performing energy audits, building diagnostics, energy design, and code-compliant testing. Follow Randy on Instagram @northernbuiltpro.

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